• Angelene
  • Slapdance

2022 June

  • Dance Music Video
Role & Responsibility
  • Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor

Slapdance X Angelene Signature Masterclass

The dance music video for Angelene Signature Masterclass at Slapdance Studio is an impressive display of skill and artistry. The video features Angelene ‘s students whom team of dancers performing a choreographed routine to an upbeat electronic song. The choreography, costumes and lighting add to the overall aesthetic of the piece, creating a visually stunning experience. 

Every Collaboration is an art!

Angelene is an aspiring fashion researcher, pole dancer and educator. It is such a pleasure to work with her on bringing her vision to live.

I am the producer, cinematographer and editor for this dance video. I am so proud of our work and are grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this project together with Angelene.