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How Long Is Now

An upcoming NTU student graduation road trip short film, hopes can be a form of catharsis to those who lost their loved ones during covid-19.

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NYC YCM Cinema World Fund Nanlite

'How Long Is Now' road trip journey covers 700KM in distance among locations: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sekinchan and Penang.

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The central theme of the film revolves around living our life to the fullest, and being in the present is one of the best ways to respect any loved ones who suffered during the global lock-down.

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Synopsis & Themes

The film portrays a hired driver and a young man who go on an emotional 700KM road trip through Malaysia. The film emphasizes the importance of living in the present and honoring those who suffered during the pandemic.

Core Team Members

Soo Yu Neng

Writer & Director

‘How long is now’ is something that I wanted to tell myself: to be more present and grounded.

Having said that, I hope that this film will not just be another project but also a journey and experience that my friends and I will truly enjoy and have fun making. I believe that our genuine sentiments will be translated on screen.

It has been a crazy journey so far, travelling more than 1400KM and I am really grateful to my team and the people we met along the way. Please support us and be a part of our journey!

Nash Yang


I am so happy to have this team and the Singapore community to support our director’s vision in making a student film that could bring a postive impact and change to the world! It is road trip to heal our characters and a roadtrip to refresh our souls damaged by Covid-19. Join us!

Jess Koh

1st Assistant Director

“How Long is Now” has a core message of living in the present, which I strive to live by. It makes me deeply grateful to be able to play a part in creating this beautiful narrative with people who are similarly passionate about it.

Justin Mok

Director Of Photography

How long is now is a film I didn’t imagine would happen but I’m so glad it did. I feel that this film is a breath of fresh air. It is a unique way of short film storytelling about familiar yet new agendas and topics that we all somewhat empathise with. I look forward to portray the narrative visually.

Sandra Sek

Production Designer

While on recce for this film, I was once again reminded about how small we are as individuals. But because there are no two lives that are the same, everyone's story is worth telling and heard. As the art director of How Long Is Now, I hope to bring out the characteristics of the people and places.

Jarren Lau


"What is your calling in life?" - a question asked by many, but only a few can truly answer it. This has always plagued me, and as a young filmmaker, it is something I constantly ask myself, whether or not this path I chose to walk in is really made for me. And whilst I may not be able to have the answer to it, being part of the team behind the film has reminded me that it is not the end all of question, that it is more important to treasure the most beautiful times of our lives; the present, the process, the journey. And I hope audiences would get their own cathartic revelation like how I did through this film 🙂

Louis Poh

Sound Director

Sound is so crucial for this film and paints emotional layers to the visuals. As the sound director of this film I really hope to charm you with as beautiful a soundscape to complement the picturesque visuals you will witness. In other words, I hope to audially slay.


Ky Tan (陈兴华) is a Singapore-based actor, model and coach, who has grown up across three continents and nine cities. He left the corporate world to pursue his passion for entertainment and fitness, and has appeared in the multi-award-winning drama Last Madame. As a coach, Ky is part of the team at Field Assembly Training Facility, imparting fitness and martial arts skills to his students with 14 years of experience.


Years of experience

Commercial & Films

The Last Madame, DBS Bank, Great Eastern, Siti Vampire, CPF, Paddles Up



Frenkie Er is an incredible non actor who continuously showcases amazing improvisation skills and an incredible personality. He is able to take on any character with ease and bring them to life. His ability to think on his feet and respond to any situation is remarkable. He is also an incredibly personable individual, always making sure his audience is laughing and having a good time. Frenkie Er's improvisation skills and outgoing personality make him a great addition to any production.

Project Supervisor| Ella Raidel

Ella Raidel is an interdisciplinary filmmaker and visual artist who focuses on the socio-cultural aspects of globalization, urbanization, and image representation. She is an Assistant Professor at NTU Singapore (ADM/WKWSCI) and her works have been showcased at numerous International film festivals, including International Film Festival Rotterdam, CPH: DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, DOK Leipzig, Hot Docs Canada, and Chicago International Film Festival. Raidel is also the co-editor of Altering Archives, The Politics of Memory in Sinophone Cinemas and Image Culture (2018), and has written about Sinophone cinema and the poetics of image-making.

Frequently asked questions

When will the short film be released?

The final film will be screened during a private screening at School Of Art, Design and Media on early May 2023.

How to join the private screening?

Once you go to our crowdfunding page, you will be able to donate any amount and directed to a link to sign up for our free private screening!

Will the film ever be released online?

Due to our distribution agreement with Cinema World Fund, the final film will be released through Cinema World Online Platform.

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Pre-Production Phase

From 1st September 2022 to 15th December 2022. In the first month of pre-production, we focus on script, storyboard, and budget for the film. We will also research and identify locations and actors that will be suitable for the project. In the second month, we develop the film’s look and feel. This entails designing costumes, scouting locations, and creating the art department. The third month of pre-production will involve securing the necessary permits and organizing transportation to the filming locations. We will also begin to set up the actual filming equipment and props. The fourth and final month of pre-production will involve the cast and crew engaging in more rehearsals. We will also be doing a final review of the script and storyboard, and making sure that all of the necessary materials are in place for the shoot.


Production Phase

Our production phase for filmingHow Long Is Now will take place from 18th December 2022 to 23rd December 2022. During this time, we will be working on shooting the film on location. The crew will include a director, producer, cinematographer, assistant director, production designer, editor, and sound director.


Post-Production Phase

Our postproduction phase for the short filmHow Long Is Now will begin on 28th December 2022 and end on 21st May 2023. During this phase, we will be editing and polishing the footage that was captured during the production phase to create a final cut of the film. Our team will also be working on the sound design and mix, adding music and sound effects to create a rich and immersive soundscape. Additionally, we will do proper color grading  to refine the look and feel of the film. We will also be creating the final master of the film, ensuring that it meets the technical specifications of the film‘s distributor.


Distribution Phase

From May 2023 on wards, we will be engaging in a distribution phase for our short film, ‘How Long is Now’. We will be utilising a combination of film festival and cinema world distribution to ensure maximum reach to potential audiences. We will be targeting film festivals throughout the world as our primary distribution channel. We will be selecting festivals based on their audience reach, and their potential for showcasing the short film. We will also be utilizing our network of contacts in the film festival industry to increase our chances of participation. In addition, we are being awarded with cinema world online distribution in the 24 Asia countries,


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