• Angelene Wong
  • Slap Dance studio


  • Desktop documentary
Role & Responsibility
  • Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor

Moissanite Documentary

Angelene is an inspiring figure featured in the Moissanite documentary. Not only has she achieved academic excellence in her PHD candidacy at NTU, but she is also a passionate pole dancer. Her strength, resilience and charisma radiates through the documentary and she is an inspiring example of someone who is able to pursue multiple passions and excel in them. She is a testament to the fact that there are no limits to following one’s dreams and she truly serves as a role model for viewers.

Admirable Pole Dancer

Making this production allows viewers to get a behind-the-scenes look into the world of pole dancing and its creator, Angelene. Through Angelene’s journey, viewers can appreciate the physical, emotional and mental strength it takes to become a successful pole dancer. It gives an eye-opening look at the art that is pole dancing and gives us a true glimpse of the dedication and commitment it takes to excel in any craft. With the documentary, we get to understand the art and hard work that is put behind this impressive feat. The production shows us the beauty and grace of pole-dancing, and it allows us to really appreciate the art of pole dancing.

I have been able to gain a newfound appreciation for the art of pole dancing. The experience of working on this project has allowed me to develop my skills in producing, cinematography and editing, while also learning more about the craft. I am constantly inspired by Angelene’s story and her dedication and passion for pole dancing, and above all, I am grateful to be part of a project that celebrates the beauty of pole dancing.